afternoon of the rat-faced zombies


When there is no more room at the bar the dead-drunk will walk the Earth!


Staines brewery have just un-leashed their newest ale.

The Seamans Gold is a pint to die for - literally!

With the streets of Swindon alive with the un-dead, sales executive Sarah Bennett is looking for ways to maximize profit, whilst Mark Anderson is desperately searching for an antidote.
Zombie Movie

'I laughed so hard my brains dropped out of my nose'
Joannie Rottin'  Undead and Lovin' it Magazine.

Afternoon Of The Rat-Faced Zombies DVD
The makers of 'AntiSocial-Behaviour' serve up an alcoholic beverage full of betrayal, dreams, bad complexions, belching and Zombies! 

When there is no more room at the bar the 'dead-drunk' dead will walk the Earth!


Staines Brewery had not bargained on the effect their latest pint would have on Society.  Today Swindon.  Tomorrow the World!



'I can't compose the music for this anymore!  I can't see the screen for crying with laughter!' - Stephen 2K Wilson.
'I can only applaud, rapturously, a film which shows the audience just what it is like to be Undead.  For too long we have been one of the most mis-understood and persecuted majorities in society.'  George A. Romero.
'This film should have a Government Bad health Warning slapped on it.'  No Pulse Medical Journal.
'When I yunno...die I...I wanna be jes like one of them there...what's their names..'homies'  - George W. Bush (he meant 'Zombies')
'I want to buy some copies just so that you can put the money back into a feature' - Steve Wilson of Ambiosis.

zombie cop I'm not a zombie! Albert Weinstein
Grrrr the Undead Zombie Alert! Sexy Zombie
Gemme Zombie David and his Plank Scary Martia
Paul Batt - I'm NOT a Zombie!!! Product details
  • Actors: Tom Gregory, Gemma Lee, David Watkins
  • Producers: John Wilson, David Watkins, Vinson Pike
  • Composer: Steve Wilson
  • Director: Vinson Pike
  • Format: Anamorphic, PAL
  • Language: English
  • Region: Region 0
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Total Run Time: 50 Minutes
  • Classification: TBC
  • Studio: Antisocial-Films Ltd
  • DVD Release Date: 21st Oct. 2007
  • DVD Features:
    • Main Featurette
    • Dead Bits (outtakes)
    • Hacked to Bits Edit
    • Accidentally On Purpose
    • Bonus Material

Zombie! Caralyn Zombie Dead Don't Sniff!
Que of the Dead! Levi Roots and his GORY GORY SAUSE Ravenous Zombie!
Zombie Mugging Dead... Or is she The Undead
Zombie Movie DVD cased - Actual ArtworkOnly £4.95 including FREE Delivery!
Are you thinking about purchasing 'Afternoon of The Rat-Faced Zombies'. Not only will your contribution go towards the funding of a feature film, your name will be included in its credits!  And you will be doing your bit for low-budget Independent British Film-making.  We feel certain that you will enjoy the show.Also, if you played a part in the making of this film, you will have first refusal of a part in a feature - certain to be an exciting project! Your investment in this DVD will help us raise the money needed to produce a feature. For your contribution we will include your name in the credits of the final feature film. If you would like to invest actual cash (£200 or more and be credited accordingly), bodies or beer please contact us are in no way associated with  All Trademarks Acknowledged.

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